Sunday 1/5/2014


Warm Up

Row 1000m


“Death by Toes to Bar”   Rest 3 min.


“Death by Push Ups”     Rest 3min.


“Death by Box Jumps (24/20)”

Cool Down

Foam Roll

*For a “Death by…” workout, you set a running clock.  At 3-2-1… Go!, you compete 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute, etc. until you cannot complete the number of reps in the minute.  So, for round 15, if you cannot complete 15 toes to bar in the minute, then you are done with “Death by Toes to Bar.”  Your score would be 14 rounds plus however many reps you got in the 15th round.  In the early rounds, you feel like you are doing a lot of standing around… this is normal.  Just wait for it… the later rounds will catch you quickly.