June 18th

A.  Snatch – 70% x3, 80% x2, 85% x1, 88% x1

B.  Back Squat- work up to 90% of best 5Rm for 3×5

C.  Conditioning  “DT”  5  Rounds of: 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang power cleans, 6 Shoulder to overhead.  (155/105)

June 14th

A.  Muscular Imbalance Work: (3sets)  Unilateral OH carries 50ft, Strict pull-ups for submaximal reps, and dips for submaximal reps.

B.  Conditioning: (For time) 200 double unders, 50 thrusters (75/55), 400m run, 30 hang power snatches (75/55), 500m row, 30 OHS (75/55)

June 13th

A.  Skill work: 3 sets- 50 double under (focus on breathing) and handstand work

B.  Clean and Jerk find 2RM then 90% 2×2

C.  Conditioning: 20min AMRAP:  5 Burpess, 10 Hand release push-ups, 15 Ab-mat sit-ups, 20 air squats

June 12th

A.  Bench Press 5RM then 85% for 5+ reps

B.  Deadlift 5RM then 90% for 2×5

C.  Conditioning:  5 RFT:  300m row, 30 overhead walking lunge steps with (35/25) bumper plate, and 10 T2B.  Rest 2 min between rounds.

June 11th

A.  Snatch 2RM then 90% 2×2

B.  Back Squat 5RM then 85% for 5+ reps

C.  Conditioning:  100 Kettbell Swings (55/35)  overtime you break complete 10 burpees and 10 sit-ups

June 8th

A.  Front Squat 1rm with 7 second pause (RPE7)

B. 3 attempts at max effort HSPU (immediately followed by……)


-10 C2B Pull-ups

-10 Hand release push-ups

-30 walking lunge steps




June 7th

A. Muscular imbalance work: 3 sets: OH unilateral carries 40 yards each, strict pull-ups for submaximal reps, dips for submaximal reps.

B. Conditioning TESTER: 10RFT: 5 overhead squats (135/95 or as heavy as needed), 10 calorie row, 20 double unders.

June 6th

A.  Skill work- 3 sets not for time- 30 double under and handstand practice

B.  Clean and Jerk 3rm then 90% for 2×3

C.  Conditioning Tester- Run 1 mile for time

June 5th

A.  Bench Press 5RM then 85% for 5+

B.  Deadlift 5RM then 90% for 2×5

C.  Row 2k trial (catch your breath) then Run 400m all out